Jose Mourinho Imposes A Social Media Ban On His Players

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho gestures to the fans at the end of the match.

Reuters / Phil Noble

Jose Mourinho has imposed a social media ban on his Manchester United squad in an attempt to limit the broadcast of sensitive information. The United boss has told his players not to use social media especially 48 hours before the match.

According to the Independent, Mourinho wants to put an end to a series of public posts related to training and recovery sessions by his players. The Portuguese is concerned about the amount of information his players are putting on the internet ahead of games.

Jose has been exasperated with the tendency of his players to post vital information on social media, particularly when recovering from high-profile injuries.

It is being claimed that Luke Shaw’s post of him training at home as he recovered from a groin injury in November made Mourinho livid.

Chris Smalling too, had recently shared a video of himself running under reduced weight in a hydrotherapy pool. It is believed that Smalling’s latest post is the major reason as to why United’s manager has taken the pressing decision. The center-back was injured whilst training with the England team in March.

Jose has also called into question the desire and commitment of some of his players, viz. Shaw, Smalling, and Phil Jones, as they have closed in on returns at various stages this season.

“It’s about the philosophy and mentality around them,” he said of Jones and Smalling after the duo was ruled out of last week’s Manchester derby. “Cautious. Cautious. Cautious. Just a cautious approach. It’s a profile. It’s the philosophy of work. Just that.”


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