Motor Racing Trumps Football In The Sunday Times Sport Rich List 2017

Reuters / Dylan Martinez

Manchester United’s striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has broken into the top 10 of the new Sunday Times Rich List, surpassing his fellow teammate Wayne Rooney to seal the 2nd spot. The estimated fortune of Ibrahimovic is around £110 million, as compared to £93 million of his 3rd-placed comrade Wayne Rooney.

Nonetheless, the Swedish striker is still behind 2016 leader Lewis Hamilton. The Formula 1 world champion is estimated to have a sizeable fortune of £131 million, and he seems to have cemented his position as the richest sportsman in UK. The Mercedes Formula One driver has reportedly seen a staggering increase in his wealth by £25 million in the last one year.

However, with a fortune of £110 million, Zlatan Ibrahimovic has become the richest footballer in Britain. Also, five of the top 10 in list are from football, including three players and two managers. Apart from Ibrahimovic and Rooney, Jose Mourinho, Gareth Bale, and Pep Guardiola have also made it in the top 10.

The 35-year-old striker, has bundled up a wealth of £110 million after playing for more than a decade. Ibrahimovic has been a part of some of the heavyweights of Europe, including the likes of Juventus, AC Milan, Paris St-Germain and Barcelona.

Along with this, the striker’s remunerative long-term endorsement deal with Nike has helped him catapult to the 2nd spot.

The Sunday Times sport rich list 2017:

1. Lewis Hamilton, motor racing, £131 million
2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, football, £110 million (new entry)
3. Wayne Rooney, football, £93 million
4. Jenson Button, motor racing, £86 million
5. Rory McIlroy, golf, £82 million
6. Sir Andy Murray, tennis, £77 million
7. Jose Mourinho, football, £61 million
8. Gareth Bale, football, £54 million
9. Luol Deng, basketball, £50 million, and joint placed with Pep Guardiola, football, £50 million (new entry)


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