3 More Players Manchester United Need To Sign To Complete Their Summer Haul

Reuters/Matthew Childs

Manchester United are a team on fire right now, at least in terms of the transfers they have been able to successfully lock-in.

The Red Devils, in two days, announced two crucial signings – the first being that of 25-year-old Fred from Shakhtar Donetsk, and the second that of 19-year-old Diogo Dalot from Porto. Both are crucial additions to the squad, and ones that will address flaws that the team has.

While this can suffice and Mourinho can effectively deploy the duo alongside the existing bunch of players, if a full-fledged return with an intent to win the Premier League is on the cards, then at least 3 more signings are required, which are as follows:

Gareth Bale

Not really a surprise anymore, is it? While the post-Champions League remarks of the Welshman led supporters into a flurry of excitement, Zidane exiting and Real Madrid playing hardball by raising his price tremendously high has dampened the murmurs a bit.

But there seems to be no doubt whatsoever that this is a signing that United must get on top of immediately. For one, Bale is a player that Mourinho immensely admires, and is bound to be played in a manner that the team is built around him.

The failure of Sanchez to be an effective presence in the United attack since his winter move makes the necessity of this move going through even higher. The 28-year-old proved in Kiev that he can function quite decisively as the match-winner that United desperately need in order to bid for glory.

Further, by putting world-class talents on both attacking fronts in the form of Sanchez and Bale, the overall quality of their game is bound to increase tremendously. Most importantly, it will lift the pressure off the shoulders of Romelu Lukaku to be the side’s most common source of goals.

Alex Sandro

Juventus’ Alex Sandro celebrates scoring their third goal with Leonardo Bonucci.

Reuters / Giorgio Perottino

Manchester United need to quit horsing around with their left-back spot.

The failure of Luke Shaw to function under Mourinho makes him an obvious contender for an exit. Continuing to play veteran Ashley Young in the spot is simply not a viable option despite the player’s occasional moments of brilliance, as his lack of an experienced defensive vision could make matters worse.

As of such, the Red Devils’ intense pursuit for Alex Sandro makes perfect sense. The 27-year-old Brazilian would once and for all plug United’s big, glaring flaw.

In fact, it will aid their style of play quite significantly, as Sandro at Juventus has shown time and again how he is an all-round talent. He is also capable of world-class crossing and dribbling, something the club could get used to.

With Dalot in, the arrival of Sandro is what the side needs to leave no stone unturned in an attempt to get the abilities of each and every player on the pitch working towards a style that is undoubtedly United’s – winning.

Toby Alderweireld

While Mourinho is in the business of plugging flaws and mending woes, he might as well bring back to United what they have been lacking for far too long – a leader in the heart of their defense.

The injuries of Eric Bailly, the disaster that was Victor Lindelof, and the inconsistencies of Smalling and Jones necessitate for an experienced centre-back to step in and take the big role.

Intent, a firm passer, a cool presence at the back, and a man known for his concentration, Toby Alderweireld is a crucial arrival that Manchester United must bring in order to have a team that can trump Manchester City as well as put in an impressive showing in the Champions League.

The era of Sir Alex Ferguson worked so well not just due to a ferocious attack, but also as a result of a capable defense, and it is high time for Mourinho to realize that the heroics of David De Gea in front of the net alone aren’t enough to save United each and every time.


Let us know in the comments down below if you think there is anyone else the Mancunian giants must sign in order to make the most out of this window.