OUT? What Happened In The Meeting Between Ronaldo And Real Madrid

Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo with the Champions League trophy during a ceremony.

REUTERS/Javier Barbancho

A Cristiano Ronaldo exit is the staple of almost every rumourmonger’s diet during the transfer market, right next to a shot of swap deals and a tiny pinch of record-breaking contracts.

But this time around, things do appear to be quite serious. It all began with Ronaldo’s surprising post-Champions League final claim that he would discuss his future and let his fans know about what would occur.

That has now spiraled into multiple reports claiming that the player will, in fact, depart from Real Madrid, and at the age of 33, there is no better time than now.

It is being increasingly reported that Ronaldo’s biggest problem is not with the playing style at the Spanish side but rather in the wages he makes. His current wage package is considerably small when compared to that of Lionel Messi and Neymar, and this is what has gotten the Portuguese superstar riled up.

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However, Marca revealed that the player’s future was discussed between his and the club’s representatives on Tuesday, and the news to have emerged may be music to the ears of all the clubs interested in his services.


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It claims that the most Real are willing to do is increase his salary to about €25 million a year with the option of making it €30 million provided the club had a good season.

This was allegedly refused by Ronaldo’s representatives, who are thought to be holding out on a sum as high as €37 million, which is what Neymar makes at PSG.


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But the bigger bombshell that the report stated was as follows: “Ronaldo believes that Madrid want to get rid of him and for that reason he will not offer any concessions to what he feels he deserves.

“For this reason, he has asked the club to let him go, and the truth is that for the first time in nine years, he has heard a “yes” to leave if he wishes, despite having a contract until 2021 and a buy-out clause of one billion euros.”

This is a considerably huge claim that could have massive implications on the player’s future destination. What will it be then?

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