What Happened Between Pogba And Messi At Full-Time

REUTERS/Pilar Olivares

One has to feel bad for Lionel Messi, as Argentina crashed out of the World Cup on Saturday courtesy of France defeating Argentina 4-3 in an electric fixture.

The Argentine superstar was in incredible form, and despite finding two assists, the first of which was destined for goal, he was a sorry sight at the full-time whistle.

This has led to the continuation of the speculation at the start of this tournament that Messi may not play at the 2022 edition in Qatar. Despite his brilliance as a player, his nation hasn’t been the best of platforms for him to shine.

Despite being only 31 years of age now, this may truly be his last World Cup. If this is indeed the case, then one of his final moments with Argentina will involve a touching gesture from Paul Pogba.

After the full-time whistle was blown and Argentina’s fate was sealed, the Red Devils midfielder walked over to Messi and hugged him from behind.

A classy move, and one that properly captures the emotions of most of the football world, who will find it hard to believe that one of the best that the game has to offer may go without having won the top prize.


What Fans Are Saying About Pogba’s Performance Against Argentina

Fans took great notice of this act by Pogba and congratulated the Frenchman for it, adding their wishes for Messi.

This hug signifies more than just one good player sympathizing with another, and may even be extended to capture the essence of the game itself. Hectic and energetic as it may be, at the end of the day, it is moments like these that stick close to the heart and carve out a lasting memory.

Will this be Messi’s last World Cup, or does he have a wish to bow out in style four years down the line?