How Man Utd Will Benefit From Ronaldo’s Juventus Switch

Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo looks dejected.

REUTERS/Albert Gea

Manchester United fans may not be in the best of moods after reading the transfer rumors of the past few days. It seems highly likely at the moment that Cristiano Ronaldo will move to Juventus.

The Italian club has allegedly submitted a financially apt bid for the services of the world-class Portuguese forward.

Ronaldo is believed to be all for the deal going through, and while various sources have made varying claims, a good chunk also believe that Florentino Perez too, is willing to make the move a reality.

This will mean that the fairy-tale return to Old Trafford won’t be on the cards for the player, and while this is a cause to mourn for the Red Devils, they still stand to benefit from the transfer.

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Spanish newspaper AS has revealed that as part of FIFA’s ‘solidarity mechanism’ all of Ronaldo’s previous clubs will acquire a part of the present fee that Juventus will pay to Real Madrid.


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Hence, if in theory, the current speculated fee of €100 million ends up being the final negotiated amount by both sides, then Manchester United will receive 2.5% of the overall fee, amounting to €2.5 million.

Similarly, Portuguese side Sporting, from where United purchased Ronaldo back in 2003 will receive 2.25% of his fee or €2.25 million. Further, the report adds that Madeira National, Ronaldo’s boyhood club, will receive €250,000 as well.


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This goes on to show the significance and impact that transfers can have even years after they go through, and further highlight why the sale of one player to another is almost never the simple process that several supporters mistake it to be.

However, what will be crucial to all parties involved as well as to the vast majority of Ronaldo’s supporters is where he will function next season, and how will the resultant domino effect affect the football world.

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