How Modric Reacted After Hearing ‘Ronaldo To Juventus’ Transfer News

REUTERS/Sergio Perez

Cristiano Ronaldo is a name that causes significant ripples across the crazy continuum that is sports news. Although rumors of his departure due to unhappiness find a staple spot in these cycles, they have taken considerable importance this window, more than ever before.

What started with the 33-year-old Portuguese star expressing a cryptic message after his Champions League final victory with Real Madrid went on to develop into the likes of Manchester United being linked with him.

However, the past week has seen much change regarding that, with Juventus being the club that has taken the spotlight as his probable next destination.

Said reports claim that Juventus have found a financially apt way in which to pry away the superstar from the La Liga giants.

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His own teammates had taken a vow of silence over the issue, that is until Luka Modric weighed in after his Croatian side secured a place in the semi-finals of the World Cup after beating Russia on penalties.


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Teammate to Ronaldo, Modric stated: “Let’s see what happens. I don’t think he’s going to leave, and I’d like him to stay because he’s the best player in the world.”

The Croatian captain added: “I think he’s going to stay; that’s my opinion. I can’t imagine him at any other club.”


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It goes without saying that most Real Madrid fans too, will be echoing the sentiments of the midfielder, and despite that star-power that the Galacticos boast of, a lineup sans-Ronaldo simply doesn’t feel the same.

As of now, nothing solid has been expressed by the player or any of the clubs regarding this deal going through, but judging by the peculiar climate that this saga has created, one does feel that some big news is just on the verge of breaking through into the limelight.

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