What Jose Mourinho Had To Say About Paul Pogba’s Performance Against Belgium

REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

France emerged victorious in an interesting match against Belgium, where a 1-0 scoreline was the difference between the European giants.

One of the two spots for the World Cup final was booked by the Frenchmen courtesy of a well-found Samuel Umtiti header, but it wasn’t at all reflective of the manner in which Belgium dominated the game.

However, the final score was what mattered at the end, and much praise was showered upon the lads from France. One source of laurels, in particular, came through Jose Mourinho, who had positive things to say about Paul Pogba.

Speaking after the full time to RT (via Metro), the Manchester United gaffer stated the following about France:

“They tried to control the game which they did with a fantastic performance by Varane and a very good performance by Pogba. Pogba was mature he played with great maturity. When he had to hold position and to keep control of the game he did.”


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His analysis continued: “When Deschamps took off Giroud to bring on Nzonzi then Pogba had more freedom but freedom not to do silly things. Freedom to keep the ball away from the dangerous areas. To keep the ball, to assist Griezmann for a great chance. He was very, very mature.”

At the end of the day, the Portuguese gaffer too agreed with the unfairness of the outcome, and revealed how he had seen this coming: “In the end I think the result was 1-0 but it could be 0-0 or it could be 1-1 and we could have been waiting for extra time.


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“But since the beginning I was smelling this. I was smelling a match without many goals that was good by the emotion that involves a semi-final but it was not an especially good football match.”

All that Manchester United fans will now be hoping for is that Mourinho has been taking notes, and will apply the same to his lads when the Red Devils return to action next season.