5 Reasons Why Manchester United Should NOT Buy Any More Players This Summer

Jose Mourinho with Manchester United executive vice chairman Ed Woodward and Sir Bobby Charlton.

Reuters / Lee Smith

The transfer window is swiftly approaching its final weeks, and Manchester United have been a side that rumormongers are constantly linking with some talent or other.

However, in view of the business that the Red Devils already have in place, here are five reasons why they shouldn’t splurge into the market hunting for new players:

1. Give The Current Team A Chance

Be it Shaw who can’t find a break under Mourinho, or the likes of Herrera and Mata who, despite being fan-favorites, are finding their futures in question, United must really start giving their potent talents a chance.

More often than not, the bench is a waste of their remarkable abilities, and fresh signing take away apt playing time. Freeing up space and sticking to existing contracts and players could be immensely valuable. Mourinho’s stubborn insistence at having world-class talent in every spot could be a Herculean task to fulfill in hindsight.

Like always, United have a roster with multi-talented players that can function from a variety of spots. The best should be made of these talents rather than hunt the market every time a spot feels a bit shaky or inconsistent.

2. Not The United Way

Any long-term fan of the Red Devils will recognize that this pattern of repeatedly splurging in the transfer market is a relatively new trend.

The glory years of the illustrious club resulted in them relying on a set of trusted players for the long-term, building the roster through the youth academy and spending only when needed, that too wisely. Is history at flaw here?

Then again, an argument towards evolution and keeping up with the times like Manchester City have can also be made.

3. Hurts The Business

Football is a business, and Manchester United are playing with a model that could come crashing down. Even though the side is commercially the most successful team in the world, their new style of spending big on players almost every window will not last for long if they don’t start bringing in silverware that matters.

Like any sound model, a break in splurging must be taken for a window or two for the current lot to gel in well, and for a big impact to occur.

Another way of looking at this window is to see it as one last investment strategy which, if results in failure, requires a proper evaluation. If it pays off and succeeds, then United’s post-SAF efforts will have counted for something.

4. Youth Is The Answer

Marcus Rashford celebrates scoring goal with Jesse Lingard.

Reuters/Jason Cairnduff

The illustrious youth academy at Manchester has provided long-term servants and legends, viz. the likes of Scholes and Giggs. In Rashford, Lingard, McTominay, and Fosu-Mensah, Old Trafford ought to witness the next big lot of capable starlets that can leave a firm mark.

When new signings of high-profile are made, however, these developing youngsters are usually the ones that suffer the most and see a cut in playing-time, or worse, a sale.

In addition, rather than buying aging talents for secondary roles, United could also do well by scouting youngsters, giving academy graduates more chances, and fill key roles that way.

5. Much Ado About Nothing

Even when they do spend, investing on just aging talents won’t get the side anywhere, regardless of how high-profile they may be. Their strategy should be smart and a gel of both quantity and quality.

While mediocrity shouldn’t be the point here either, the side shouldn’t focus merely on spending for the sake of spending. Long-term is the name of the game, and developing a squad for several seasons should be the focus rather than disrupting the momentum with fresh arrivals more or less every window.


Will United shut their coffers this window, or is more spending destined to follow before deadline day?