REVEALED: Why Manchester United Are Eager To Offload Marcos Rojo

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Reuters / Andrew Yates

Roster dynamics are not just an interplay between the team’s chemistry and the brilliance of the players on the pitch.

In the modern game, more often than not, the end result of a player’s future is heavily dependent on his worth in the transfer market as well as his brand value to the club.

As of such, finding oneself to be the odd one out at a big club could quickly spell trouble. Now, it appears that one Manchester United centre-back could find himself faced with precisely that.

As per Daily Mail, Jose Mourinho has been told that he must sell before he can buy, and Marcos Rojo may be the man relieved from Old Trafford in order to fund a move for Leicester City’s Harry Maguire.

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The 24-year-old Englishman emerged quite recently as a potential target for the Mancunian giants, and will reportedly cost them upwards of £65m. As of such, the sale of Rojo, who is valued around £30m, with Premier League sides like the Wolves interested, is likely to make way.


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Rojo is already facing an uphill task on United’s current roster, with the likes of Jones, Smalling, Bailly and Lindelof being the other names for the coveted spot.

Despite having signed a new contract just months ago, recovering from injury and not being world-class enough for Mourinho’s liking may be the reasons behind the alleged sale.


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However, United do face a race against time if they have to first sell Rojo and then make a move for Maguire.

The Foxes aren’t eager to sell their key player, especially after having lost another star in the form of Riyad Mahrez to Manchester City already.

With August 10 approaching swiftly, it remains to be seen what United will opt to do.

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