Photoshopped Pictures Cause Excitement Amongst Man United Fans On Social Media

General view of a corner flag at Old Trafford.

Reuters / Jason Cairnduff

One of Oscar Wilde’s most memorable lines read: “The truth is never pure and rarely simple.” Reality is a slippery slope upon which to travel, particularly on the internet, where the truth is rare and often mistaken.

The transfer market causes several such instances to occur, mainly with the intention of causing a stir of excitement amongst fans. As of such, even slight hints and images linking players to clubs gather great support and popularity.

A few such images did momentarily cause Manchester United supporters to hope that perhaps they had landed key targets.

Having been linked with Toby Alderweireld and Willian for quite a while, the Red Devils were given quite a surprise when images showcasing the duo in the United jersey began to go viral on social media on the weekend.

This led to many concluding the deals to be done, and quite a few sighs of relief must have also come up about the club’s transfer activity. However, several still held their doubts and probed the photos further. As a result, a few have concluded them to be high-quality photoshopped fakes.


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The one showing the Brazilian, who currently functions for Chelsea, is a clever one that initially had Paul Pogba in it, while Alderweireld’s alleged image was initially that of Victor Lindelof.

This will certainly do well for the reputation that Manchester United fans have for being some of the finest photoshop users across the globe.


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However, this is in no way an indication to the actual ordeal of the deals, with both of them stuck in some form of limbo or other.

Tottenham may still remain stubborn negotiators, while in the case of Willian, the variety in the reports makes one really doubt the authenticity of the saga itself.

Regardless, fans of the Mancunian outfit will still be hoping that next time, the photos will be real.

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