5 Reasons Why Manchester United Should Sign Harry Maguire

REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

Harry Maguire was identified as a potential target for Manchester United to look into ahead of the window closing on August 9. The Mancunian giants are in desperate need of a world-class centre-back, and as of such, the mixed signals that are present regarding the arrival of the Foxes’ defender could be worrying.

Here are 5 reasons why pursuing the young Englishman is choice that they ought to make:


Need of The Hour

The defensive mediocrity of Manchester United is appalling to say the least. For a team of their ambition, the errors at the back are quite worrisome. Moreover, their reliance on David De Gea as the sole defensive cog is also a task of doubt.

As of such, signing a player of Maguire’s caliber would once and for all solve the dilemma of settling for players like Jones, Smalling, and Lindelof.



At 25 years of age, the quoted price of over £70 million makes great sense. The player’s heroics during the World Cup were there for all to see, and this is an investment that will be of a higher long-term value than signing Alderweireld from Tottenham.

Further, with Leicester currently showing some resistance to the deal going through, his age ensures that if a transfer isn’t viable this window, then Jose Mourinho and company can still afford to keep him on their radar for another window or two.


The Ferguson Way

Manchester United manager sir Alex Ferguson (C) holds the trophy.

REUTERS/Darren Staples (RUSSIA)

Sir Alex Ferguson once smartly quipped that “attack wins you games, defence wins you titles” and his reliance on the backline during a memorable tenure riddled with silverware is proof for all.

Mourinho has been oft described as the pinnacle of a defensive-minded manager, and yet his past signings have not reflected that as much as his tactics.

The left-back, right-back, and more recently the centre-back spot has plagued the side for far too long and been the reason behind their underwhelming results, among other things. But with the singing of Dalot, the linking of left-backs, and now, hopefully by attaining Maguire, perhaps that can be put to rest.


Ferdinand–Vidic Duo

In Ferdinand and Vidic, United arguable boasted the finest defensives pairing of all time. The duo was an effective brick for the club’s defense, and carved a memorable place in the hearts of supporters.

In fact, it was in their era that United truly garnered a reputation for being a team that instilled all-round fear, both through their ferocious attack and hard-to-get-by backline.

In the likes of Maguire, Mourinho will be seeking to mold such a partnership for the long-term. Eric Bailly, despite his shortcomings, seems primarily lacking for a partner in the heart of their defense in order to truly establish his brilliance. Could the lad from Leicester do the trick?


Can’t Go Wrong With A Leicester Player

After winning the title and the hearts of spectators, the Foxes faced a hard time hanging on to the lads that achieved the unthinkable. A fine team, aided by numerous factors, had won the league, with players like Vardy, Kante, and Mahrez being the orchestrators of that dream.

Kante’s move to Chelsea elevated his stature in English football, with the smart Frenchman being the poster-boy of a player that can cover the pitch. His recent outing with France also resulted in a World Cup triumph.

Mahrez has been lapped up by Manchester City now, with hope that similar brilliance can be aped.

Now, it is United that is eager to do the same with Maguire, another talented player that has in him the winning DNA that the side seems to breed. Will they be successful?