Manchester United Planning To Make A Massive Change

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho looks dejected as executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward looks on.

Reuters / John Sibley

Manchester United are a club in transition. Since Sir Alex Ferguson retired in 2013, many will agree that the club has faced more failure than success, even though current manager Jose Mourinho has provided an air of stability to the English giants.

But problems continue to persist, none more so than the recent transfer-related ruckus that has made much of the headlines in the past month or so.

Mourinho made it clear in a press conference in the USA that he asked for five different players to be brought in, but club officials denied his request, resulting in no real signing of note throughout the summer.

That rant, however, did not go unnoticed, and even though many among the United higher-ups were perplexed over the sudden outburst from their manager, they do seem to have decided that some action is necessary.

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The Guardian are reporting that Manchester United might be preparing to appoint a director of football for the first time in their history, making this a monumental decision that should shape the future of one of the world’s biggest clubs.


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The director will be installed keeping in mind the disconnect that currently exists between manager and executives, with an aim to act as a buffer between the two positions.

United’s rivals Manchester City already have a sporting director of their own, and the defending champions have looked one of the most stable clubs in terms of their transfer policy.


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With United planning a restructuring in general, a director would definitely help in streamlining their transfer business.

While it remains to be seen what Mourinho’s reaction is to the plans of the club, there is no doubt that the Portuguese would have been crying out for someone to just take his transfer ideas more seriously – and this might well be the answer to such problems.

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