Twitter Reacts To Jurgen Klopp’s Absurd Celebration Against West Ham

Reuters/Carl Recine

Football is an exciting game, and that too may seem like an understatement. Often, passions run quite high on matchday, and when goals are scored, the crowd emerges rampant in its victorious roar, the players run wild in ecstasy, and the sideline staff beam joyously at what has occurred.

Over the decades in which the great game has been televised, numerous chuckle-worthy celebrations have been caught and immortalized, but very few have managed to disturb. Now, Jurgen Klopp may be able to take that accolade home.

The Liverpool gaffer must be quite pleased with the manner in which his lads performed on Sunday at Anfield, with a 4-0 victory against West Ham setting the scene for their campaign.

A brilliant opener from Mo Salah set the stage, followed by a brace from Sadio Mane and a late goal by Daniel Sturridge guaranteed the Reds their first three points of the season.

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However, in the aftermath of Mane’s first goal, which arrived in the dying minutes of the first half, Klopp may have given a disturbing piece of content for the cameras. The manager was seen celebrating the goal, but the actions of his hands were questionable, to say the least.


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Twitter took sharp notice of this, and as expected, the reactions flowed in plenty, nearly all commenting on what the hell Klopp must have been thinking.

This isn’t the first time a Klopp celebration has stood out, with the German known for his displays of passion and many askew spectacles.


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However, this hand near the nether reaction better not be a regular sight at Liverpool’s games lest viewers start dreading the moments in which the Reds find the back of the net.

Jokes aside, Liverpool appeared quite firm in their approach on Sunday, and the talent laden at the side does speak volumes regarding the potential of their pursuit.