Sergio Ramos Savagely Destroys Jurgen Klopp Over Salah Criticism

Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos celebrates scoring their third goal from the penalty spot.

REUTERS/Susana Vera

The Champions League final took place almost three months ago, but the controversies of the night are still fresh and being spoken about like it all happened yesterday.

The match between Liverpool and Real Madrid saw the latter emerge victorious to claim their third title in a row, but to say it all happened fairly is not something the Merseyside club will ever admit.

The final was heavily tilted in favour of the Spanish giants early on, when Mohamed Salah had to come off injured with a dislocated shoulder.

Later in the game, Loris Karius also suffered an injury scare, as he carried a concussion after a clash with an opposition player.

What stands out as a similarity in the two incidents was the involvement of Sergio Ramos, making him public enemy no. 1, and Jurgen Klopp’s focal point of every blame being thrown around.


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The former Borussia Dortmund manager was not shy to voice his opinions about the manner of the incidents, as he went on to label Ramos as a ‘wrestler’.

However, the captain of the Bernabeu outfit has now spoken back, and according to reports from Goal, the centre-back has pointed at Jurgen Klopp’s non-existent win record in the major finals previous to the one played in Ukraine.


Ramos simply said: “If Jurgen Klopp wants to make it a reason to lose, this is not the first final he has lost.”

While the statement is bold, it does hold some truth. The Spaniard did throw in a positive sentiment for his current verbal rival, though, as he added: “In the end, he is a great coach and I voted for him for the Coach of the Year award.”