Man City Documentary Reveals How Their Players Reacted After Manchester Derby Defeat

Manchester United's Paul Pogba speaks with Manchester City's Fernandinho.

REUTERS/Russell Cheyne

Amazon documentary ‘All Or Nothing: Manchester City‘ has revealed the heated conversation between Pep Guardiola and some of his players after their defeat in the Manchester derby.

The Cityzens could have delivered the ultimate insult to Manchester United by sealing the Premier League title against them. They were 2-0 up within half an hour, as Jose Mourinho’s men looked hapless on the pitch.

But Paul Pogba’s quick brace after half-time inspired the Red Devils to turn the game on its head. Manchester City fans were pretty disappointed with the result, and had to wait for another week to secure the title.

Last year, Manchester City agreed on a deal that allowed Amazon to document the events that transpired across the 17/18 season. A dressing room footage from the Manchester derby has shown the players having a heated conversation about the defeat.

Fabian Delph and Vincent Kompany were clearly upset about the events that allowed Manchester United to complete their comeback, handing the home side an embarrassing defeat in the process. Yaya Toure also stepped in, and claimed that fatigue was the real reason behind their loss.


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The post-match discussions in the dressing room went as follows:

Delph: “F****** shit man, f**** sake. F****** useless. F*** me. F****** hell.”

Kompany: “If I wanna see this team go to the next level, and do even more, every single detail we need to be honest with ourselves and be hard with ourselves.”

Toure: “I think the point of what I’m saying right now is that it’s true because in the first half we were there, but in the second half they took us physically. Because, I think we have to understand sometimes, because we’re fatigued and that’s the time we need to regroup.”

Delph: “‘F****** tired? It’s simple, it’s straightforward. We stopped f****** running in the second half.”

Guardiola: “When you lose in football, you think, we didn’t run. That is b*******, guys. That is not the point.”


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Delph: “I’m not blaming anyone, it’s just the basics of football. When things go against us and everybody drops their head, just remember the basics. Winning our individual battles, sticking together as a unit, f****** defenders defending, midfielders box to box, f****** keepers… just the basics of football.”

Guardiola: “Football is not flowers, a good holiday and say everything is easy. Football is so complicated at the high level guys. We tried to build something good and you did do good.

“You have to make the last level guys, everyone together. That is the moment the real man’s, the real football players, the real professionals step up and say ‘I’m here.'”

This conversation gives us a real insight into Pep Guardiola’s managerial style. The former Barcelona boss believes in his players, and prefers to motivate them for the next game rather than talking about their mistakes.

All or Nothing: Manchester City was released on August 17 across 100 countries on the Amazon Network. The show has a 9.2 rating on IMDB, and has been well received by football fans around the globe.