“You Cannot Buy Class” – Mourinho Reacts To Man City’s Amazon Documentary

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho and Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola.

Reuters / Jason Cairnduff

“History is written by the victors.”- Winston Churchill. At least in the case of Manchester City, the unprecedented season that was last campaign was proudly captured in their recently released documentary ‘All or Nothing’.

The piece covers never-before-seen footage of City’s brilliant campaign, and it was the subject of mixed responses.

While supporters were predictably ecstatic regarding the documentary and the memorable moments it captured, some were less happy, and with a seemingly apt reason.

Now, Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has responded to a segment of the documentary which covers the first derby encounter between the two Mancunian rivals.

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In it, the narrator seems to take a jibe at Mourinho’s tactics by stating: “It is Guardiola versus Mourinho once more; possession versus defence; attacking football versus ‘park-the-bus’.” However, the Portuguese gaffer hasn’t taken too kindly to the remark.


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Speaking of the documentary, Jose stated (via Sky Sports): “You can have a fantastic movie while respecting others. You don’t need to be disrespectful to have a fantastic movie.

“You can be a rich club and buy the best players in the world but you cannot buy class and they showed that clearly, that was really obvious.”

The remark has been met with mixed response, but largely in critical light of Mourinho, some citing him a sore loser over such a small deal. However, his comment on ‘class’ certainly seems apt here, and there is indeed a fine line between celebrating and gloating.


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At the same time, the response to a move by a bitter rival can hardly stand to an unbiased opinion by a manager, and this statement falls in the same hole.

Past season aside, the mood this may set for the campaign to come will be interesting.

Will this spark off a fresh row to spice up things when the two giants eventually meet in Manchester, or will this statement feature in another documentary a year later, but in different colors?