What Sir Alex Ferguson Said About Pogba’s Agent Mino Raiola

Reuters / Jason Cairnduff

Agents have just as big of a role to play in the modern game as the players they represent. In fact, when it comes to young and promising talents, the destination to which the agents point their starlet to can make or break an entire career.

Legends of the great game have oft lamented over the fact that they may not have had great agents to guide their paths back in their days, and the sheer influence that agents tend to have these days makes this point obvious.

However, not all agents, regardless of how celebrated they may be and the kind of deals they’ve overseen, may be regarded highly by everyone.

Sir Alex Ferguson is a man whose opinion certainly counts for something, and the legend had choice words for Paul Pogba’s famous agent Mino Raiola.

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While Ferguson was speaking to a gathering, Ospreys’ prop Brian Mujati had a chance to quiz the former gaffer about Pogba and the decision to sell him, and whether or not he foresaw that he would become the expensive player he is today and why exactly no one was able to identify his talent.


Mino Raiola’s Tweet Has Angered A Lot Of Fans

Sir Alex had a simple answer: “Paul Pogba? He just had a bad agent. A shit bag.”

Always known to be sharp with his words, as the infamous ‘Liverpool’ quote has proved long back, it’s no surprise to see how he responded.


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Pogba was offered an improved contract at Manchester United prior to leaving for Juventus, and as is the case with most stars that Raiola handles, a staunch deal was negotiated with Juventus and a departure was imminent.

Since then, even though United broke the record to purchase him again after his scintillating spell at the Italian giants, recent months have been worrisome for the Frenchman, despite his World Cup heroics.

Was Raiola in the wrong for doing what he did, or is SAF seeing an alternate future?