Dimitar Berbatov Tells Fans What To Do Amid Man United’s Current Situation

Action Images / Lee Smith

Dimitar Berbatov has come out in support of the important figures of his former club Manchester United.

From a poor summer transfer window to a shock defeat at the hands of Brighton in their first away game of the season, things have only gone from bad to worse for the Red Devils.

Prospects look grim for the rest of the season as well, as an unimproved team from the previous campaign has continued to play inconsistent and unattractive football under Jose Mourinho since pre-season.

While some fans are demanding the Portuguese tactician to be replaced, others wish to see a change in the overall hierarchy of the franchise starting from the top, by getting rid of the current owners, along with club CEO, Ed Woodward.

Amid all the chaos surrounding the Theatre of Dreams, former striker Dimitar Berbatov has voiced his opinions regarding the current scenario. The Bulgarian superstar has used his influence as a United fan-favourite to back the under-fire club officials, management as well as the players, and calm things down in the process.


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“Blame is a strong word, I don’t like to use it. I think everybody – Jose, the players, Edward Woodward – is working for the better of Manchester United,” Berbatov began, before going on to talk about club talisman Paul Pogba.

“I don’t understand all this criticism going towards Paul Pogba. Anyone can have a bad game. Nobody wants to play bad football in a game, everybody wants to win, and every player wants to show how good he is.

“But, you know, sometimes you simply have a game where nothing is happening. Sometimes it’s stuff outside of football that affects your performance, we just don’t know.”

The 2-time Premier League winner then uttered words of support for the gaffer, by adding: “And as for Jose, it’s not easy to be in charge of a team as big as United with all the seagulls around you, so many players who all want to play. It is incredibly stressful, trust me. He can definitely turn it around.”


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“It’s not been a good week for Manchester United and now they have a tough fixture to get through, but I really don’t think we can – or even should – pass judgement on my old team yet. I didn’t expect the defeat at Brighton. No-one did,” the 37-year-old continued.

“United didn’t play well and they lost because Brighton wanted it more than them, simple as that. That’s not a good thing but please don’t overreact to one defeat so early in the season. The positive thing about the defeat is that it’s still only the second game of the season so there is a long way to go.

“I remember losing our second game in 2009-10, 1-0 at Burnley, and we finished second that season, one point behind Chelsea. Nobody was crying after that defeat, Sir Alex was very calm. We beat Wigan 5-0 away from home in the next game and won eight in a row.


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“United’s season will not be defined by one defeat in mid-August. Come on, it’s the second game of the season! Every team can lose at any time and every team will lose again this season. The point is to take the lessons from the loss and not repeat those mistakes. It’s as simple as that.

Manchester United have unbelievable players in their squad and they can absolutely put this right. Sometimes against the underdog you can lose because they want it more. It happens to every team.

“I do wonder if all this negativity is necessary but obviously football is a business, and a little bit of politics. You have people causing trouble, spreading ‘fake news’, rumours and it all gets repeated and becomes truth. But this is kids’ stuff and it doesn’t help anyone.”