What Pique Had To Say About Pogba’s Potential Transfer To Barcelona

REUTERS/Miguel Vidal

Paul Pogba to Barcelona was a linkup that proved to be the offspring of the oft-quoted mismatch between the Frenchman and Jose Mourinho at Manchester United.

While a victorious World Cup with France led many to believe that the 25-year-old midfielder would have a brilliant season with the Mancunian giants, their first two games haven’t shown much evidence of that.

Despite Pogba being their top-scorer so far this campaign with two goals to his name, both from penalties, his performances, particularly in the 3-2 loss to Brighton last week, have been quite underwhelming.

The club most linked with signing him is Barcelona, and much of the summer saw claims being made. Now, a current Barca star and former Manchester United player has weighed in on the possibility.


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Gerard Pique had this to say about playing alongside Pogba (via Sport): “We would be happy to have him here. I know very little of what is happening in Manchester, the relationship that exists [between Mourinho and Pogba].”

The Spaniard goes on to add: “Pogba is a very good player, but a Manchester United player right now, and we will see in the future if anything happens. We would be happy to have him here, but Manchester United is his club and, if someone has to say something, it must be them.”


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Leaving the possibility of a move in the future to be open is a statement of great magnitude from the defender.

If not for his skills on the pitch, the brand-value that Pogba carries about is immense, and it is easy to see why the Catalan giants may be eager to cash in on the Frenchman, despite possessing an enviable roster of midfielders.

However, with Mourinho’s future also in slight doubt and United as a whole looking a bit uneasy, the question of Pogba’s future is bound to come up soon.

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