Mourinho Gives A Witty Reply When Asked About His Man Utd Future

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho

Reuters / Peter Cziborra

While renowned for his tactical brilliance, particularly in defensive ploys, Jose Mourinho can also be quite adept with his words, witty when the sun shines best.

Manchester United winning 2-0 against Burnley certainly put the gaffer in a splendid state of mind, despite the fact that Paul Pogba missed a penalty and Marcus Rashford’s rash reply resulted in him getting a red card.

This ensured that the last 20 or so minutes of the game were quite tense for the Red Devils, who were down to playing with ten men.

All in all, the week’s turning will be viewed calmly by Mourinho, who will be glad to see several speculations regarding his potential sacking hopefully reduce. This was reflected well in his post-match press conference.

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For when a reporter of La Repubblica pried Mourinho about the possibility of him being sacked, he replied in typical fashion by stating: “If they sent me away, do you have any idea how much money they would have to give me?! They say I’m in danger, but I don’t think so.”


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Light-hearted at his best, this was a Mourinho response that fits well into a long and cheerful list.

However, the contrast between this Mourinho and the one that had stormed out of last week’s press conference following the 3-0 defeat to Tottenham tells the entire tale.


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The truth of the matter seems to be that the reported unrest at Old Trafford was blown significantly out of proportions, and now that the benefit of a victory lies on United’s side, it is easy to see why the season was simply too young for such dire measures to be even considered.

At the same time, their worst start to the Premier League in 26 years doesn’t bode well either. As of such, the Portuguese genius must now try and engineer a comeback for the history books.