What Messi Said About Ronaldo After Juventus Transfer

Nominees for the UEFA Men's Player of the Year award, Lionel Messi, Gianluigi Buffon and Cristiano Ronaldo.

REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are two of the greatest players in the history of football, and the duo ruled the last decade to win everything that club football had to offer.

The legendary players not only kept shattering records in La Liga, but also graced Europe with their prowess for Barcelona and Real Madrid respectively.

Now that Ronaldo left Real for Juventus this summer after spending nine years in Spain, the onus has shifted completely on to Messi.

Both Messi and Ronaldo have been grabbing headlines, being the talismen of their respective sides since so many years.

The El Clasico games too, were governed by these two stalwarts. There was also the media, who had plenty to write and speculate upon the two players playing for the best clubs in Spain.


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Messi has rarely spoken about his biggest rival, but now, the Argentine finally has something to claim. The 31-year-old believes that the departure of Ronaldo to Juve has made Real comparatively weaker.

Ronaldo scored a mammoth 451 goals for the Galacticos during his stay in Madrid, and Messi feels Real will be greatly affected by his departure, and Juventus, in turn, will be bolstered as far as the Champions League is concerned.

Real Madrid are one of the best teams in the world and they have a great squad [but] it’s evident that the absence of Ronaldo makes them less good and makes Juventus [one of the] clear favourites to win the Champions League,” Messi told Catalunya Radio.

Messi’s view makes perfect sense, as Ronaldo played a significant part in helping Los Blancos to 4 UCL titles in 5 years, including three successive trophies. He was also Real’s top scorer in every UCL campaign.