Former Liverpool Striker Reveals How Roy Keane Guilted Him Into Selling His Car

Republic of Ireland assistant manager Roy Keane

Reuters / Leonhard Foeger

A robot dance like no other, a man with the right ‘head’ for goal, and now a Twitter genius, Peter Crouch is a footballer that will never be forgotten for his amusing contributions to the sport.

Scoring 108 goals in 462 matches in the Premier League, and doing so while playing for six different clubs is no small feat.

The former Spurs, Liverpool, and Portsmouth striker is now finishing his career with Stoke City in the Championship.

Crouch’s autobiography, How To Be A Footballer, is coming soon, and ahead of the release, the Englishman has shared a story that is doing the rounds on the internet.

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Not long after his England debut in 2005, Peter moved to Liverpool for £7 million. This was also the time when Manchester United leader, Roy Keane, was in his final few months at Old Trafford.


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Crouch revealed how his big move influenced him to buy an Aston Martin, and while talking about the same, he said: “I pulled up alongside Roy Keane, with a bit of speed garage playing, the sunglasses on, window down, arm out.

“Then I looked at Roy and he looked at me, and you’ve seen Roy look at people in that way. It was a look of sheer disgust.”


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The forward further added: “I have to thank Roy. I don’t even know if he knew it was me or some idiot stopped at the lights, but after he took off and left me in his wake I looked at myself in the mirror… and sold the car that week, and took a big hit on it. It wasn’t me.”

Only the Irishman could do this do someone without even speaking a word and being off the pitch. Just imagine what would he be like on it.