EA Sports Reveal The Top 10 Player Ratings In FIFA 19

Reuters / Albert Gea

EA have hyped up the release of FIFA 19 quite spectacularly. The regular release of player rating cards in batches, while being the highlight of this past week or so, has been accompanied quite well with simply brilliant promotional content.

Now, the long wait has come to an end, and the top 10 players have been unveiled. This list will be highly sought-after by both football aficionados of the game on the field, and more particularly by the actual gamers who will be hoping that these players will aid them best in their pursuits.

Let us have a look at the best in this year’s edition:

Coming in tied for the no.1 spot are giants Ronaldo and Messi. While the Portuguese superstar gets the first place, both he and his former La Liga nemesis boast of an identical rating of 94.


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While both of them have occupied the top spot in the past years, this is the first time that they’ve been assigned the same overall rating, with Ronaldo retaining his while Messi getting a one-point bump from his 93 in FIFA 18.

Following close-by in the third spot is Neymar with an overall rating of 92, an apt indication of the three-way race that the trio shares for the title of the world’s best player.


Having made a new entry into the top 10 is Luka Modric, with the Real Madrid midfielder grabbing the fourth-place with a rating of 91.

The Premier League heavyweights haven’t been left out of the list, with Kevin De Bruyne, Eden Hazard, and David De Gea occupying the list as well.

While the Spanish goalkeeper comes in at no.9, Hazard and De Bruyne make the list at the 6th and 5th spots respectively.

The middle ratings have been assigned to Sergio Ramos and Luis Suarez, with Toni Kroos making the no.10 spot. Ronaldo having shifted to Juventus gives the list the slight color of the Serie A, with Neymar’s presence brings in the Ligue 1 aspect while La Liga and Premier League dominate.