How Marcus Rashford’s Stats Compare With 20-Year-Old Kane And Ronaldo

Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo with Tottenham's Harry Kane after the match.

REUTERS/Paul Hanna

Marcus Rashford has been advised to leave Manchester United. The 20-year-old has been scintillating for England, being the lone goalscorer in their recent matches against Spain and Switzerland.

His affinity for the striker spot has led many to comment that Jose Mourinho deploying him as a wide forward isn’t the right way to go.

However, among all the pundits wishing he’d leave Old Trafford, his English boss Gareth Southgate had a different opinion when quizzed about the youngster’s brilliance.

“I think Harry Kane at that age had hardly played anywhere near the matches for Spurs,” Southgate commented. “Some of the stepovers and things Ronaldo was doing at that age, he wasn’t converting them into the number of goals, so we have got to give him time to develop.”

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Let us have a look at the three players and their statistics at the age of 20. Amongst the three, Ronaldo garnered the most amount of club appearances, with 139 caps, while Rashford comes close with his 126 and Kane struggling behind with a mere 29. Of these, Ronaldo and Rashford managed 18 and 8 Champions League appearances respectively, while Kane had none to his name.


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The real difference appears when one views the difference in the goals they have scored by the age of 20, with Ronaldo having amassed 21, dwarfed in comparison by Rashford’s 32, while Kane’s 5 yet again falling short.

The biggest surprise comes in the form of their Champions League tallies, with Ronaldo’s now hallowed UCL scoring streak then reading 0 goals in 18 games, while Rashford has scored 3 in 8 games.

In terms of international showing, Ronaldo takes the edge yet again with 9 goals in 29 appearances, while Rashford is close with 5 goals in 27 caps. Kane hadn’t been given an international start at that age.

These statistics clearly prove that Rashford was on par and often better than these two feared forwards at their age, and much more can be achieved by the youngster in the years to come.