Incident Between Mourinho And A Watford Employee Shows How The Manager Is Behind The Scenes

Reuters/Andrew Couldridge

Never judge a book by its cover, right? Well, it seems as if most footballing fans have been judging Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho based on his scathing interviews and press conferences amid reports of a meltdown at Old Trafford and a lack of support from his own players.

But truth be told, there is a side to the Portuguese boss that the media really hasn’t been highlighting.

Behind the tough exterior is a soft and gentle human being, and this was on display more than ever after United’s 2-1 victory over Watford at Vicarage Road.

Following the game, Mourinho reportedly asked for the Wi-Fi code from one of the employees at Watford, who was clearly starstruck after seeing the hugely successful manager.

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The employee, who was tasked with punching the code into Mourinho’s phone, then admitted to the former Chelsea and Real Madrid boss that she was secretly a Manchester United fan. To this, Jose replied with a big hug that certainly made the lady’s day.


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M.E.N. reporter Ciaran Kelly narrated the incident on Twitter and left the world with a slightly better image of the Manchester United gaffer. Kelly’s tweet highlights that the lady then said she can ‘die happy’ now that she was given a nod of approval by Jose Mourinho.

The gesture was in keeping with the attitude of the Portuguese throughout his press conference, where he seemed in a jovial mood, perhaps because his team had ended an unbeaten run of four wins out of four of their opponents on the day, and had in turn reduced talk of a sacking that seemed imminent at one time.

Whatever be the reason, the world was treated to some specials like Mourinho’s disdain for Chris Smalling’s haircut as well as the incident involving the lucky Watford employee.