What Juventus Players Said To Ronaldo When He Cried After The Red Card

REUTERS/Heino Kalis

Responses to the same situation can vary significantly, and it is only human to differ on opinions. Something of the sort was on clear display on Wednesday, when Juventus faced off against Valencia in the Champions League.

The match saw a rare sight – Cristiano Ronaldo being shown a red card. The Portuguese forward was sent off in the 29th minute following a hair-pulling incident, which was reviewed by the referee before issuing him the suspension.

Ronaldo didn’t take the incident lightly, and left the pitch utterly broken and in tears. However, how his teammates reacted to the incident is also important.

It has now been revealed precisely what his teammate Federico Bernardeschi told him as he walked off the pitch in tears. The Italian winger, in an attempt to console the superstar, told him: “You’re number one.”

He further added later on: “To me the decision wasn’t the best one, but if that is what the ref saw, what could we do? We know how much Ronaldo wanted to impress tonight. He had been gearing up for this and to help us win. I feel for him because I know how much he wanted to start with a bang in the Champions League for Juventus. It went differently but when he is back, you will see for sure.”


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This is in sharp contrast to how another of Ronaldo’s teammates responded. In fact, Emre Can’s reaction to the move which led to the red card has resulted in heavy controversy.

The German had this to say about Ronaldo being sent off for the ‘hair-pulling’: “That’s supposed to be a red? I just heard that he said it was because of hair pulling. We’re not women, we’re playing football.”

Needless to say, the comment didn’t go down well, and the former Liverpool player has since tweeted: “I would like to state that the comments made were never focused on nor meant to degrade women, women’s football or equality in any form.


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“Everyone who knows me knows about my respect for women, equality and respect. My intention was to stick up for my team mate regarding a wrong decision which could have affected our game. I sincerely apologise if any of the comments I made have caused any harm.”

Ronaldo is all set to miss out on minimum one match as a result of the red card, with the game in question being an encounter against BSC Young Boys.

If further action isn’t taken, he should be all set to take on his former club Manchester United the next time he wishes to resume wreaking damage in the Champions League.