What Sir Alex Fergusion Said About Paul Pogba In 2012

REUTERS/Andrew Yates

Legends are hallowed because their works and words stay relevant and important for a long, long time. This is especially true in the case of football, and holds a particular niche in identifying traits in players.

While it takes a good manager to pick out a splendid player with apt talents, it takes a brilliant maestro to identify those individuals who have the right values and mindset for a club.

Increasingly, it seems that Sir Alex Ferguson was right about a certain Paul Pogba in the past.

While letting go of the young academy graduate to Juventus in 2012 has been repeatedly cited as a mistake on part of the iconic gaffer, it now appears less so. A few words, in particular, that he had for the nature of Pogba’s departure ring especially true.


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SAF had said back then: “Pogba signed for Juventus a long time ago as far as we’re aware. It’s a bit disappointing because I don’t think he showed us any respect at all. To be honest, if they carry on that way, I’m quite happy that he’s away – from me, anyway.”

These words are a testament on how right he was on several issues. In fact, Pogba’s present fiascos at the club seem to be a recurring parallel, as the ace midfielder has allegedly expressed a desire to move to Barcelona soon.


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Either that, or Jose Mourinho will be in a bit of a pickle, as the clash of egos seems destined to culminate in the exit of one or the other from the Mancunian club.

While repeated assurances are floating that all is well at the camp and that slight issues will be ironed out, the manner in which things are going for Manchester United all around isn’t all too encouraging either. Is trouble brewing?