Mourinho’s Hilarious Response To Zidane Rumours

Reuters/Jason Cairnduff

Modern journalism has gone to all extents possible and taken great measures to ensure top stories get uncovered and released to the public.

While feats like the one that unveiled Watergate will forever line media textbooks as brilliant pieces of investigative journalism, some of the more recent takes often thin the line between fact and fiction.

When it comes to football, very few names can be trusted to not make outlandish claims, and even their word is taken with a pinch of salt.

However, it is rare that the writers and the subject of their stories come face-to-face. But when it does occur, sparks are bound to fly, and a recent incident involving Jose Mourinho is evidence for the same.


Sir Alex Ferguson’s Reaction On Manchester United’s Current Situation

The Portuguese gaffer was quizzed during a recent press conference about a report suggesting that Zinedine Zidane had called him and told him that he had no interest in attaining his post at Manchester United.

Mourinho’s response to this query was pointing the reporter to the actual journalist who had penned the piece, and who was present at the conference at the time.

While it is surprising to see that Mourinho was able to identify the reporter, Neil Custis, by face, the exchange that followed was even more incredible:

Journalist: “The English press said Zidane called you to assure you he didn’t want your position.”
Mourinho: “Ask the guy behind you, he wrote it.”
Neil Custis: “Oh yeah, he has!”
Mourinho: “He put a bug on my phone.”

While Mourinho seemed in good spirits and laughing in the video, it goes without saying that the gaffer wasn’t all too ecstatic about such news stories.

The adamant nature with which Custis is seen backing his story is either the mark of a reporter who is certain that his facts are straight, or perhaps the nod of a rumourmonger who has been caught in the act.