Pochettino Talks About His Dream Jobs And Reveals The Club He Would Never Join

Reuters/Jason Cairnduff

When you talk about the best managers in the world these days, there is one name you certainly won’t take, and that is Jose Mourinho.

However, if there is a name that would spring in the mind of many football followers, it will be of Tottenham Hotspur’s current boss, Mauricio Pochettino.

With a limited budget, an average squad, and not the biggest of ambitions, he has stepped up his coaching game and turned Spurs from a Champions League qualification team to genuine league contenders.

When you are one of the best in the business, the biggest clubs tend to be attracted to you, and such is the case with Mauricio at the moment. With him likely to leave Spurs in the future, the big boys of England and Europe are readying themselves for his arrival.


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One club that could do wonders with Poch is Manchester United, where the sacking of Jose Mourinho is inevitable and trophies have been hard to come by.

The Spurs boss recently revealed his dream destinations to manage, and this is what he had to say [via Marca]: “At a professional level, some day I’d like to be Argentina coach and also coach Newells Old Boys, where I started.”


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The Spurs gaffer further added: “They are two of the dreams I have, but for now, it’s to get to Tottenham as high as possible and always winning. That is my philosophy.”

His side plays Barcelona in the Champions League next, and when asked if that would be a preferred destination in his managerial path, he made the following reply:

“I have a lot of friends in Barcelona, who are from the Blaugrana and to whom I have enormous respect, but my path and that of Barcelona are different, opposite directions, and coaching there would be impossible.”