REVEALED: The Manager Cristiano Ronaldo Considers His Favourite

REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth

Cristiano Ronaldo has set the footballing world alight with a strong start to his Juventus career.

The former Real Madrid hitman has already scored thrice in Serie A and has four assists to his name, showing that even at 33 years of age, he has plenty left in the tank.

Ronaldo has come a long way since being the scrawny little kid who tormented Manchester United players during their match against Sporting Lisbon all those years ago, and during this memorable footballing journey, the Portuguese has come across several managers who have assisted him in accomplishing his numerous career goals.

Daily Mirror have now shared an interesting article on the different managers that worked with Ronaldo and helped him become the player that he is. The article also goes on to mention the 33-year-old’s highest rated manager, and it is a name that will definitely surprise a few.


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Ronaldo has named current Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho as the one he rates ‘at the top’ of all the managers he has ever worked with.

In a stunning revelation, the former Red Devil gave his account of Mourinho’s tactics, style of play, and whether he would like to work with his fellow Portuguese again.

“Work with Mourinho again? Why not? I would put him at the top, I always say that,” CR7 said.


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“I have played for so many great coaches, but Jose Mourinho was a big thinker analytically, he went into everything in great detail.”

When asked about Mourinho’s style of play in particular and whether it suited the forward-thinking nature of Ronaldo, this is what he had to say:

“No, I don’t but I have to adapt to what is asked of me. This is the way it is. We have a strategy. It doesn’t matter to me. What matters to me is my future and the club.”