All Of Romelu Lukaku’s Disastrous Moments So Far This Season

Reuters/Jason Cairnduff

Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku was expected to do all the big things since his arrival at Old Trafford last season. But after a decent 2017-18 campaign, the Belgian has fallen flat this term.

He looks low on confidence, which has affected his game a lot. Goals haven’t been coming from the forward, and he is nowhere near to the level he is expected to be.

United do not have a fall-back option, and that’s where the problem arises. Lukaku is still given a solid run of games by Jose Mourinho, but his performances are the question. Now, the scenario is pretty alarming.

Against Juventus earlier this week, Lukaku was way below-par. His attempt to find Anthony Martial far on the left was a disaster of a long pass, and it caught the attention of several critics.

And it didn’t end there, as the Belgian was ridiculed for his underwhelming performance – which included numerous embarrassing moments.

Lukaku’s form shows that he isn’t on the same level as that of Harry Kane or Sergio Aguero. You need strikers as such to win titles, and Lukaku, for all that money, is a serious let down.

Right from the first game of the ongoing season, Lukaku has been really poor.

Despite this consistent failure to convert chances, manager Jose Mourinho, when asked to give his thoughts on Lukaku, gave the following reply: “No criticism at all. But I have to agree his moment is not sweet.”

It remains to be seen if and when Lukaku can successfully turn things around.