What Juventus Will Do If United Refuse To Sell Pogba In January

Reuters/Jason Cairnduff

Paul Pogba’s future has churned out numerous headlines over the past months and all kinds of updates have existed regarding what could possibly go down.

The general consensus seems to be that Pogba is on his way out one way or another, and that Manchester United have finally come to terms with that and have begun weighing alternate options.

The biggest challenge for the higher-ups will be not to replicate the Frenchman’s on-field brilliance, but rather to find a talent that has comparable commercial appeal. Say what you will, Pogba as a brand is valuable, ego and all.

However, now, an approach from Juventus may aid matters a bit.

As per Italian outlet Tuttosport, Juventus are eager to test United’s resolve in January, when they’ll try to sign Pogba for a mere £60 million, in what could also be some sort of an initial six-month loan period arrangement.

United are likely to not agree to such a deal, as they’ll face a hard time in securing any form of worthwhile replacement during the short window.


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Instead, the Red Devils are eager to hold on to Pogba for this entire season, and may be tempted by a different summer deal from the Italian giants altogether.

The report adds that Juventus could sell Alex Sandro during that window, and use a possible deal from United to sweeten the eventual Pogba acquisition. The deal would also aid bank-roll the move, which would also cost a considerable sum.

The 27-year-old left-back was on top of United’s wishlist as early as last season, and as of such, the deal may hold some appeal. However, the side has now seen the redemption of Luke Shaw into a formidable left-back, and this can put the entire Sandro possibility in some doubt.

All in all, Jose Mourinho will likely monitor the situation closely, and try and control whatever aspects of the move that he can.