How Gerard Pique Reacted To Barcelona Fans’ Abusive Chants Towards Sergio Ramos

REUTERS/Sergio Perez

Sergio Ramos is a player that is hard to love; if you aren’t a Real Madrid fan, that is. The Spanish centre-back is one of the best in the world in his spot, but that brilliance comes with an attitude and a hot head that isn’t appreciated much.

As of such, when El Clasicos come about, Ramos is usually the player to be seen in anticipation of the next big act of controversy that the 32-year-old could be involved in.

However, much like Los Blancos themselves, Ramos wasn’t in top-notch form in the past few games, and the Clasico was no different, as Madrid were thrashed 5-1 by Barcelona at Camp Nou.

The home crowd was the apt 12th man for the Catalan giants and a constant thorn in the back of Madrid. One such moment came when the crowd was clearly mocking Ramos with the chants of: “Sergio Ramos, Hijo de puta!” (Sergio Ramos, son of a b*tch!)

However, what followed that chant is even more incredible: Gerard Pique was seen raising his finger and reprimanding the crowd for the chant- a classy move if there ever has been one.

The two Spanish defenders have had many differences over the years, a normal sight, considering how they have been such long servants of two bitter rivals.

But this act on Sunday is a testament to who amongst them is the bigger man and a more valid representation of the sportsmanship spirit that the game lauds.

His appropriate moment of celebration came much later when he raised his hands in the iconic five-finger gesture that first showed itself when Barca had defeated Madrid 5-0 in 2010, giving Jose Mourinho his first taste of the madness that was Spanish football.

Since then, Real have only now looked to be in a spot of great worry, and some big changes could be on their way to the Bernabeu.