What Luke Shaw Tweeted About Paul Pogba’s Penalty Run-Up

Reuters/Lee Smith

Manchester United were back to winning ways on Sunday, when they were able to defeat Everton 2-1 at home.

The Red Devils had goals from Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial to thank for their three points. The duo was involved in both the goals, with a foul on Martial gifting Pogba the penalty in the first-half, while Martial’s eventual curler created by his midfield compatriot.

Pogba’s penalty-kick was an interesting affair, as it was initially saved by Pickford, and it was the rebound that the former Juventus man quickly converted into a goal. Prior to that, his trademark slow run-up to the spot was in evidence, and has been creating quite a stir online.

Tweets regarding the run-up, which is 28 steps strong, and takes more time to complete than Usain Bolt did in his historic 100m sprint, were riddled on the site.


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However, arguably the most remarkable response of them all came from Pogba’s fellow United teammate, Luke Shaw. The left-back tweeted the following: “Make a comeback in your career and renew your contract. #ThingsYouCanDoDuringPogbasPenaltyRunUp”.

One does hope that the hashtag catches on, and that more people have fun outlining the tasks and feats one can achieve during the run-up.


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However, the fact that Shaw is able to refer to his career on a light note is heartwarming to see. Multiple times in the past few seasons, the former Southampton starlet has been linked to a departure, and yet his journey has culminated in him securing a new five-year deal, which is simply remarkable.

Mourinho himself is proud of what the youngster has achieved, and has even baptized it to be the ‘Luke Shaw’ process, one that the Portuguese gaffer hopes Anthony Martial can also undergo and secure his spot at Old Trafford with.

All in all, Manchester United fans will be hoping that the next time they have to see the run-up, its final outcome will be less predictable.