BREAKING: Manchester United Star Injured Before The Bournemouth Game

REUTERS/Peter Powell

Romelu Lukaku grabbed the headlines for all the wrong reasons last week, when he wasn’t included in the starting lineup by Jose Mourinho. Suffering from a goal drought that had run 9 games strong by the end of the match, it was clear that Lukaku needed rest.

However, he may now receive his rest in a manner that was unforeseen and isn’t ideal. The Belgian striker suffered an injury during training on Friday, leading to his non-inclusion in the traveling squad against Bournemouth.

Addressing the issue, manager Jose Mourinho responded by stating: “In training yesterday, after the press conference, he felt something that needs to be studied in the next couple of days. So Lukaku has not come and we decided to start with Alexis.”

This will come as mixed news to most Red Devils. While it was clear that the striker’s shortage of goals was becoming a frustrating sight, there is no denying that he did display a clinical ability that none of the side’s other options have shown consistency for so far.


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Marcus Rashford showed brilliant hope last week, despite not finding himself on the scoresheet. The catalyzing effect the youngster had on the team, particularly through his tendency of stretching defenses wide and pairing well with Pogba and Martial, was quite evident.

That was in staunch contrast to Lukaku, who often waits for a run to be created before moving.

Incidentally, Rashford has been kept on the bench against Bournemouth, and the front three of Mata, Martial, and Sanchez will be featuring instead.

Regardless, Lukaku is an expensive player, and a talent that Old Trafford has often been reliant on. As of such, they will be eager to see him back in action soon, and if all goes well, he may just have an apt response to his drought with the rest this injury has gifted him with.