Anthony Martial Is Not Too Different From Lionel Messi, Says Sergio Romero

REUTERS/Andrew Yates

Sergio Romero might have become a forgotten man at Old Trafford this season, but his latest statements have certainly made him the talking point of a lot of news doing the rounds on the internet.

There is no denying that Anthony Martial has been Manchester United‘s best player in the month gone by, and his comeback into the first team has been exceptional.

These performances have not only helped him win further hearts among the United faithful, but have also earned him the applause of Jose Mourinho – a rare event in the player’s case.

While many are impressed with the Frenchman’s recent run of form, United’s back-up goalkeeper remains unsurprised. The Argentinian has been out of action this season due to injury, but he certainly hasn’t shied away from watching his teammate do well and giving him the highest of compliments.


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Romero, who plays with Lionel Messi for country and Martial for club, has seen similarities between the two, and believes the latter has what it takes to reach the former’s level.

The goalkeeper revealed that he had long ago mentioned to teammates Juan Mata and Ander Herrera that they will be hearing, the then 17-year-old, Anthony Martial’s name soon.


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Romero told club’s official website: “He really is one of the best I’ve seen. I think that the only player in the world or who I’ve seen, running with the ball as if it’s stuck to his foot, is Leo Messi.

“He can be going at top speed and the ball is always right on the end of his foot, it never gets far away from his control. That’s why he can do all the things he does.

“But the thing that Anthony has which is quite similar is when he is running at top speed, he can stop the ball absolutely dead, in a split-second.

“That is the same as what Messi does. Leo will be running with the ball, on a mazy dribble, and then all of a sudden he’ll stop suddenly and change pace or change speed, or go the other side.

“Anthony can do that with ease and in fact he has done it many times. He dribbles the ball one way, stops suddenly and then goes the other.”