Fans Are Not Happy With What Fred Did Against Bournemouth

Reuters/John Sibley

Jose Mourinho is getting used to not breathing easy till the last second. Manchester United waited until injury time for Marcus Rashford’s well-found shot to hit the back of the net before the scoreline could read 2-1 against Bournemouth.

The Cherries were undoubtedly the better side for much of the game, and gave the Mancunian side a large amount of trouble, especially in the first half, where they went up within 12 minutes itself.

Save Anthony Martial’s goal in the first half, not much was there for the Red Devils to be proud of. In fact, minutes before the half got over, the side had to witness a truly embarrassing stunt from one of their players, and it didn’t go unnoticed.

Fred went down quite cheaply after Lewis Cook gave him a simple shove. Clutching his shin as he went down, a biased bystander would have truly felt that United’s expensive summer signing had sustained a horrible injury.


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However, Twitter wasn’t forgiving of the Brazilian’s antics and was riddled with criticism and jokes against the midfielder.

Incidentally, the game was amongst the few times this season that Mourinho has placed faith in the 25-year-old and gifted him a start. His contribution elsewhere during the game was underwhelming, to say the least, with a potential goal-scoring opportunity being missed by the lad as well.

However, it is this simulation that won’t bode well for him. Fans have shown to be quite unforgiving of divers and classless players, and antics like the one Fred displayed against Bournemouth are right up there.

Further, youngsters, in particular, seem to be quite prone to such behavior. While any repercussions from Mourinho in the form of reduced game-time will arrive only due to his mediocre showing on Saturday, it will be interesting to see if the dive has any role to play in his decision.