Paul Pogba Reveals How He Reacted To Being Stripped Off His Vice-Captaincy

REUTERS/Peter Powell

It is surprising to see the sheer scope of events that are given importance without fair confirmation. This idea of causation is usually taken from common sense. Like the notion that being stripped away from an honor will lead to some amount of unhappiness.

It was precisely this that much of the media postulated when Paul Pogba was stripped away from his vice-captaincy in September by Jose Mourinho.

The Frenchman’s relative youth and nearly inseparable bond from first-team appearances had made him an ideal candidate for proper captaincy down the line, and being reduced from even the role of a vice-captain was viewed as a big move.

However, despite the fact that the roles of captains and vice-captains are of no big consequence in the game of football, it was the symbolic significance of the move that had fueled speculation that Manchester United’s manager and player don’t share a fond rapport.


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But Pogba has now given an intriguing reply. During the pre-match press conference ahead of their Champions League clash against Juventus, Pogba was quizzed on what he felt about the move.

The Frenchman replied as such: “If he takes the armband away, it doesn’t change anything. I just want to play, perform and give my best. It didn’t affect me.”


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Adding on to Mourinho’s response that all was fine between him and Pogba, the World Cup-winning midfielder affirmed the same: “Manager and player. I do as he tells me to do. I enjoy it. I do it with happiness.”

He further went on to add about his Old Trafford experience, stating: “Yes, I’m happy to wear the shirt, playing for this team. On the pitch, always with a smile.”

These replies are of great importance to the larger scheme of things, as both figures are deemed important by the club. Such an interaction certainly indicates a thawing in their relationship, and it will be interesting to see where we go from here.