Fans Are Not Happy With Paul Scholes’ Comments On Mourinho’s Celebration

REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini

Manchester United‘s stunning 2-1 win over Juventus on Wednesday was thoroughly enjoyed by their fans and players alike, but nobody appears to have loved it as much as the club manager, Jose Mourinho.

The Portuguese tactician was seen celebrating his side’s winner quite emphatically, and after the full-time whistle, he made sure to walk onto the pitch and taunt the home supporters present at the Old Lady by cupping a hand onto his ear.

Jose later explained his actions in the post-match interview, as he admitted: “I’m a professional. They insulted for 90 minutes. Me, my family and also the Interista [Inter Milan supporters] family. At the end of the match I just made the gesture that I wanted to hear them louder.”

He did add: “I didn’t insult them, I just made a little thing. I respect Juventus, I respect their players, their manager. I’m really, really proud of my boys.”


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While a majority of the people associated with Manchester United loved to see their manager’s passionate yet cheeky celebration, one former player was left far from impressed.

Club legend and current BT Sport pundit Paul Scholes took yet another dig at Jose Mourinho, describing his behaviour in Turin as “classless”.

“This is everywhere he goes,” Scholes stated. “You need to win with a bit of class. Shake the manager’s hand. I don’t think there’s any need for it but that’s the way he is.”

Scathing comments from the Englishman, but it’s a good thing Mourinho has already established that he is “not interested” in what the legendary midfielder has to say.