Arsene Wenger Reveals The Reason Behind Alexis Sanchez’s Struggles At Man United

Alexis Sanchez is substituted as manager Arsene Wenger looks on.

Reuters / Tony O’Brien

If you’ve been wondering how a quality player like Alexis Sanchez suddenly plummeted since joining Manchester United, you aren’t alone.

The Chilean isn’t anywhere near the goal-scoring machine he was at Arsenal, and his lack of consistency has led many to believe that he could be sold in the winter transfer window.

And if there is anyone who knows Sanchez inside out, it would be his former manager Arsene Wenger. The duo spent a considerable amount of time together at Arsenal, with Wenger persuading the forward to join him from Barcelona.

Sanchez was lethal at the Emirates, but seemed disgruntled due to the lack of ambition at the club, and found himself at Manchester United in January this year.


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But it’s been difficult for the 29-year-old to settle into life at Old Trafford, and goals have dried up, as opportunities this season have been few and far between. Speaking on beIN Sports, Arsene Wenger revealed why he thinks Sanchez is struggling since moving to United.

“I believe he has lost confidence,” Wenger said. “The strength of Alexis Sanchez is to take initiative to dribble and to take people on.

“Those are the players who are most vulnerable when they lose confidence their game is based on that and having that feeling to take initiative, he has lost that slowly. Since the start of the season he had a high level of physical energy but he has lost that as well.”


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Wenger’s comments do make sense considering the sudden loss in form and an attitude that most United fans haven’t taken too kindly to.

Moreover, the entire Red Devils’ squad appears to be going through a confidence crisis, with results not going in their favour, and a manager in Jose Mourinho, who has come under fire in the press.

Sanchez starred for United in their 2-1 away victory against Juventus, however, showing some of that old spark which made him prolific at Arsenal.