WATCH: A Compilation Of Jose Mourinho Savaging Opposition Fans

REUTERS/Stefano Rellandini

From the very beginning, whenever any club has brought in Jose Mourinho, they have employed more than just a tactically apt gaffer. Along with the Portuguese manager comes a mindset and attitude that is infectious, to say the least.

Be it through his unique style of dealing with the press or a calculating way of dealing blame to his players when it is needed, Mourinho has always succeeded at making headlines for reasons other than substitutions and tactics.

Most famous of these are ones where the man managed to trigger entire crowds. Increasingly there was a fear that he had mellowed down a bit since moving to Manchester United, for the former Mourinho seemed a rare appearance.

However, with what he did after the full-time whistle against Juventus, storming to the pitch and cupping his hands to his ears mocking the home crowd, those fears were left behind.

In a fitting tribute, BT Sport have released a brilliant compilation of all the moments when Mourinho was too savage for his own good.

United themselves were victim to a classic Jose celebration back when the gaffer managed Porto. Further, perhaps the most famous moment in the lot came against Barcelona when the then Inter manager guided the side to a masterclass defensive victory at the Camp Nou, a place in the UCL finals secured.

Incidentally, on that occasion, it was Valdes who took offense to Mourinho’s spirited run around the stadium, much like Bonucci attempted in vain on Wednesday.

Recent three-finger spars he had with Chelsea and Juventus fans also show that it isn’t always an exasperated mood that needs to be in store for the gaffer to display his classic strides.

Of course, now that Manchester City is the next side to host Mourinho’s lads, it will be interesting to see if the Italian air has unveiled a long-dormant manager.