Carlo Ancelotti’s Reaction To Mourinho’s Juventus Antics Is Priceless

REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov

Jose Mourinho made headlines for numerous reasons on Wednesday night. Firstly, his Manchester United did the unthinkable and won against Juventus at Turin, bouncing back from going down 1-0 to fielding two brilliant goals at the end to win the UCL encounter.

But Mourinho’s moment came after the full-time whistle when he rushed out onto the field and cupped his hand to his ears, taunting the Juventus fans who had been mocking him.

During his time as gaffer of Inter, Mourinho certainly amassed enough reasons for Juventus to spite him. However, these antics of his are still relevant in Italy now with it causing an interesting reaction from an unexpected source.

Napoli manager Carlo Ancelotti was quizzed about what Mourinho did during a press-conference. His cheeky response was priceless.

When the journalist asked him for his opinion, Ancelotti mimicked Mourinho’s actions replying, “Sorry, I didn’t hear you” and then cupped his hand to his ear as well.

He then responded in empathy by stating; “Mourinho? His reaction is understandable because it wasn’t a vulgar thing to do, it was more ironic. When you are being insulted for 90 minutes it can happen”

Akin to Mourinho, Ancelotti to has had his stints with big names and as of such he ought to know as well as anyone what such sentiments are like. Similar to the Red Devils boss, he too has probably amassed enough cross-country rivals across Europe.

This is in agreement with what Mourinho himself had to say about his actions: “That sign that I made is actually not an offence. I just wanted to hear if they’d [the fans] make comments again or not. Obviously when I work for a club like Manchester United, I need to forget my past, especially in the 90 minutes.”

The UCL specialist is one of the few managers whose side can realistically give Juventus a run for their money this season.