Gary Neville Reveals Why He Refused A Handshake With Peter Schmeichel

Michael Carrick All-Stars' Jamie Carragher in action with Manchester United '08 XI's Gary Neville.

Reuters / Ed Sykes

When players played under Sir Alex Ferguson, they did so with their heart on the sleeve and chests beaming with pride. Loyalty might not be the most popular thing in the sport these days, but in the past, it was what turned greats into legends.

One of the players that falls into the bracket of ‘loyal’ is Gary Neville, as he spent the majority of his career at Manchester United, a team he eventually went on to lead with his captaincy.

While Neville considers playing for United the highest point of his career, he surely does not think much of those who left.

In 2002, while Gary Neville was standing in front of the Manchester United pack in the tunnel, his former teammate Peter Schmeichel approached him for a handshake, and was denied the same.


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The goalkeeper was at that time in the blue of Manchester City – a club Neville saw as rivals, and their players as foes.

While speaking on the Quickly Kevin, will he score? podcast, the decorated full-back explained his cold approach towards Schmeichel, by stating: “One, he left Man United at the age of whatever he was, 35, and he said he was retiring, basically to go abroad.


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“At the time, when he came back, he played for Manchester City. You can’t play for Man City. I’m a United fan and I can’t play for Man City, I can’t play for Leeds [United] and I can’t play for Liverpool.

“That’s just written in stone. You just don’t play for those clubs, irrespective of what happens.”

Miss him, Manchester United fans?