Mourinho Destroys Casillas For His Comments On Real Madrid Bust-Up

Real Madrid's coach Jose Mourinho is thrown in the air by his players.

REUTERS/Vincent West

Jose Mourinho has hit back at Iker Casillas’ comments regarding their poor relationship at Real Madrid.

Mourinho is known to be a manager that beats his own drum and has his own way of doing things. While he is the sort of gaffer that gives his all for his favourite players, he is also known to show zero sympathy towards the players that end up falling out of his favour.

A similar incident occurred at Real Madrid, when the Portuguese tactician chose to replace their legendary shot-stopper Iker Casillas with Diego Lopez in goal, which eventually spoiled his relationship with the then Spanish number 1.

Casillas spoke about that issue yet again in a recent interview, stating that he should have dealt with that problem in a different way: by confronting Mourinho about his decisions head-on.


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“He was brought in to compete with Barcelona and brought moments of great tension and that Madridismo that I mentioned that I don’t like came out, there was a limit that he went to with me that I didn’t want to go to,” Casillas told Vamos, (via Goal).

“The third year wasn’t all good, although we won La Liga and it seems that there were many people whose relationship was shaken. It wasn’t good for him, nor for me nor for the club. I think if it happened all over again, I would have taken the bull by the horns and faced Mourinho.


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“At that time, I opted to be quiet and I thought that was the way to honour the values of Real Madrid. Nobody has wanted to talk about Mourinho to this day and I think it is maybe better to let it be and let it go.”

Now, the man himself has hit back at these comments from the FC Porto custodian, and he has done so in the typical emphatic Jose Mourinho fashion.

In his interview with Record, the Manchester United boss replied: “The interview is that of someone who is at the end of his career. When it comes to my person, when he says that he never confronted me that is not true, he confronted me and did it in the way that there is no one to do better than him: hidden.”

Another verbal victory for the Special One.