A Dig At Paul Pogba? Ander Herrera Explains His Comments On Instagram

Ander Herrera sat on the pitch.

Reuters / Jason Cairnduff

In these modern times, social media is king, with footballers’ activities on their social networking platforms followed and tracked by their millions of fans from all around the globe.

While some players use this fact to purposely stir speculation by dropping hints at a potential transfer or their dislike towards a manager or a fellow teammate, others fall victim to their accidental ‘likes’ and misinterpreted comments being aired as dirty laundry in the media.

Manchester United midfielder Ander Herrera came very close to becoming a part of the latter category, when one of his comments was misinterpreted as a potential dig at fellow teammate Paul Pogba.

The Spaniard posted a video of himself, along with his fellow club teammate David De Gea, on his official Instagram account, wherein the two promoted their mutual sponsor, Adidas.


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In the video, Herrera can be seen performing a few tricks and skills whilst dribbling with the ball before shooting it in the back of the net.

In the comments section of this post, one fan tried to take the mickey out of the 28-year-old, by asking: “Why don’t you do this in matches?”

However, the former Athletic Bilbao star had a clever comeback all prepared, as he simply replied: “Because unless you are a striker or a winger, that’s absolutely useless.”


Great resurgence from the Manchester United midfielder, but it came very close to becoming a controversial statement on its own, when one individual took that to be a shot at Paul Pogba. That fan enquired: “Did you just call Paul Pogba useless?”

The Frenchman is known to be a tricky and skillful player despite his position being in the middle of the park, but his recent form has seen him struggle to score goals as well as create them.

But Herrera immediately cleared his comment up, as he patiently explained: “Never! In terms of qualities and possibilities, he is the best midfielder in the world by far. He is probably the only one that can do that being effective for the team.”

Amazing save, Ander! Perhaps De Gea’s presence is rubbing off on his fellow teammates after all.