Here’s What Jose Mourinho Texted The Club Higher-Ups About Paul Pogba

Reuters/Jason Cairnduff

The Mourinho-Pogba saga is one that has seen ups and downs. Even when the duo seemed to establish that all was fine between them, they didn’t appear all too convincing about their reasons.

Since then, much has occurred, with the Champions League win against Juventus arguably being Manchester United’s last big hurrah before things took a sour turn.

During the 2-2 draw to Southampton, Pogba was a dreadful player, not even a hint of the midfielder that led France to the World Cup title in the summer.

Throughout Saturday’s game, Mourinho appeared particularly irked about the manner in which the Frenchman was functioning, and he may have made his displeasure known in more ways than one.


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According to the Independent, Mourinho allegedly sent a text to the higher-ups of the club, complaining about their record signing.

An inside source has revealed: “Mourinho is now said to be at a loss as to how to deal with the French international and get the better of him, and actually texted club officials to complain that he has tried everything to no avail, from the conciliatory to the hardline.”

This doesn’t bode well for any party involved. While Pogba does show such pathetic displays, at his finest he is the central cog through which United show their brightest moments.


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The board is aware of this, and is also privy to the enormous brand appeal and commercial charm that the 25-year-old carries. As of such, apart from Mourinho and a few critical fans, there may not be many people in favour of Pogba departing the side.

The club clearly values him immensely, and past reports have suggested that they wish to see Pogba stay with the side for years altogether and achieve a ‘Messi’ model with him.

However, with the sort of displays that he has been putting up as of recent, the longevity of his tenure seems in much doubt.