Mourinho’s Brilliant Reply When Asked If Current Liverpool Team Is Best He’s Faced

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho

Reuters / Peter Cziborra

Manchester United take on Liverpool this Sunday in what could be a truly electric fixture.

Despite being marred by injuries on both sides, a clear-cut difference exists between the two clubs. Liverpool are currently atop the Premier League table, yet to be beaten and arguably producing the finest football they’ve played in years.

United, in stark contrast, are a side in clear trouble. Their results have lacked consistency this season and a host of issues has been plaguing them across the board.

Even though the big-game nature of the fixture will make it a staunch fight, there is no denying that the Merseyside club is in prime position to take home all three points at Anfield.


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However, Jose Mourinho’s most recent comments seem to indicate that he doesn’t fear this Liverpool side much.

Speaking in an interview with Soccer AM, the Red Devils gaffer had an intriguing exchange with regard to how good this present Liverpool side is: “ “Well, I played a Liverpool that were European champions,” Mourinho began.

Soccer AM’s Tubes then asked: “Is this team better, though?”

“I don’t know if this team is better,” Mourinho added.

“I know that one was European champions and this one won nothing.”

A controversial reply if there ever was one, particularly given how close the big fixture is.


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While it is true that Liverpool’s trophy drought has been somewhat of a running joke in English football, there is no denying that this season seems more likely than ever to change that particular punchline.

Last season they came painstakingly close to the UEFA Champions League title and this campaign’s showing so far seems to indicate a similarly close-cut quality showing from the Merseyside team.

However, when they do clash on Sunday, words alone won’t suffice and it will be interesting to see what Mourinho has to say then.