How Sir Alex Ferguson Reacted To United’s Loss Against Liverpool

Reuters/Matthew Childs

All giants fall eventually, and when they do, hell is raised. Manchester United’s fall has been coming from many years now, the carefully curated side built by Sir Alex Ferguson tearing apart at the seams.

Even though some of Jose Mourinho’s games in charge injected hope, this season seems more and more likely to end in embarrassment.

The latest shot of dismay for the Red Devils came through a 3-1 loss to Liverpool at Anfield.

This is a fixture that United were beginning to get increasingly adept at winning over the years. Mourinho too had a brilliant record against the Merseyside team.


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However, after goals from Mane and a lucky brace for substitute Shaqiri, Klopp received the fruits of his labor with a sweet victory. Elsewhere, a legendary manager had a starkly different reaction.

Even though United had managed to pull back a lucky equalizer through a rare Alisson mistake capitalized by Jesse Lingard, the game was well and truly out of their control.


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The shots comparison at the end of ninety minutes was an appalling figure- United’s 6 attempted shots fewer than the 11 shots on target that Liverpool had achieved, and a universe away from the 36 total shots that the undefeated table-toppers let in throughout the game.

Cameras panning to Sir Alex Ferguson found him a sorry sight, sadly shaking his head at the carnage that was occurring below him.

It’s not that the game was a dreadful result, United have suffered bigger losses as of recent. Rather, it’s the symbolic downfall of the result that stings.

Ferguson had taken painstaking effort to snatch glory away from Liverpool and keep it at Manchester United during his long tenure, the infamous: “knock em off their f*****g perch” comment remaining one of his iconic moments at the helm of the Mancunian giants.

To see the boss witness such a loss rightly sums up United’s condition at the moment.