Luke Shaw’s Social Media Activity Before Liverpool vs United Sums Up Club’s Current Situation

Reuters/Carl Recine

It may be the beginning of the end for Jose Mourinho whose Manchester United lost 3-1 to Liverpool at Anfield. This is a massive blow for the Portuguese gaffer, who personal record against the Merseyside club has suffered after the loss, akin to the side’s itself.

However, it doesn’t get better after the full-time whistle. A whopping 19 points separate the two teams in the Premier League table and even their top-four chances are taking on a tough look.

In the midst of all this chaos, one player who may have been having the season of his life might have just messed everything up.

Luke Shaw was one of the crucial absentees for the big game due to his injury. However, there were other players who were fit enough to start but didn’t, a feat that raised quite a few eyebrows.


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In particular, to see the likes of Martial, Pogba, Mata, and Fellaini left on the bench during such a crucial encounter had many fans scratching their heads.

One such Red Devils took to Twitter to express this view, and Shaw’s immediate act was liking the tweet, or so it seemed. A look at the defender’s twitter right now indicates that he may have undone his action, but not before a decent chunk of fans took notice and took him to task.

Most responses to the feat were that of disapproval, many dreading that the fate assigned to Antonio Valencia for a similar act may be awaiting Shaw as well.

One even made a decent point that regardless of the repercussions, this was a poor move on part of the youngster, especially considering how the exact situation of being left on a bench due to managerial preference has been plaguing his United career for years now.

Hopefully, the consequences of this act, if any, aren’t drastic.